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Valley of Roses

Valley of Roses

Moroccan Rose is renowned not only for its exquisite appearance and captivating fragrance but also for embodying the essence of love in its roots. The aroma and beauty emanating from the Moroccan Rose roots seem to encapsulate love beyond the mere existence of a plant. Leverden, as a brand, accentuates the emotional connections woven into the experiences of individuals who have embraced their products, prompting me to naturally reflect on the 'spirit of love' embodied by Moroccan Rose. Contemplating the vibrant and sharp-thorned rose, particularly as a symbol of 'love,' evokes thoughts of 'self-love.' When personifying this elegant and energetically vibrant rose, it becomes a representation of someone who not only loves but also protects themselves.


The expression of love is boundless, yet my reflections on self-love intensified while pondering the Moroccan Rose and The Valley of Roses, stretching towards the Sahara Desert. Fourteen years ago, I married my current husband, Liam, experiencing an instantaneous connection that led us to promise marriage within three days, almost as if it were fate. Following our union, we were blessed with two precious children who have become invaluable to me. However, like every wife and mother globally, simply loving one's husband and children doesn't guarantee perpetual happiness in the relationship. Prior to marriage, I resided in Korea, where societal expectations for women often centered around fulfilling the roles of wives and mothers rather than prioritizing self-care. Although I couldn't comprehend this mindset at the time, becoming a wife and mother made me realize that I was neglecting my own needs in favor of others.


The realization of my weary and lonely emotions came to me when I started running the brand Leverden. Drawing from my personal narrative and values, I unfolded the brand, envisioning not just 'someone's wife' or 'someone's mother' but seeing a woman named 'So-Young Cho.' At that moment, I grasped that, just like taking care of my husband and children, loving myself was crucial for my happiness and contributed to healthier relationships.

 By Soyoung Cho | January 26, 2024 

Three strategies for cultivating Self-love


Embrace Your Authentic Self


To cultivate self-love, it is imperative to delve into one's true self.
Reflecting on my past experiences, current self, and future goals allowed me to recognize the happiness derived from passionately dedicating myself to my work. 

Confronting the present revealed the fatigue and loneliness accumulated while prioritizing my husband and children.



To overcome these challenges, I defined who I am, what I must do, and what I consider important in life.
This process helped me establish priorities and evolve into a woman capable of balancing roles as a wife, mother, and career-driven individual. 

Celebrate Your Achievements

The second approach is to 'celebrate oneself.' Growing up in a society that valued humility, I often downplayed myself in front of others. Observing my daughters confidently acknowledge their strengths and achievements made me realize the significance of self-praise.


I consciously began appreciating myself, setting achievable goals in work and routine, and rewarding myself for each accomplishment.
Cultivating a habit of self-praise positively influenced both daily life and professional achievements.

Nurture Your Body

The final method is 'nurturing your body.' While embracing my authentic self, I also strive to enhance my satisfaction. Regular exercise, adopting a vegan lifestyle, and incorporating habits like massages after intense workouts or using aromatic bath products contribute to a healthier self-love routine.

Caring for my body and appearance, not for external validation but for personal satisfaction, has become a crucial aspect of self-love.


In conclusion, authentic self-love involves acknowledging and embracing oneself, celebrating one's achievements, and nurturing one's body. My self-love routines have not only positively impacted my life but also strengthened relationships with family and friends.
Understanding that my happiness radiates positive energy to those around me has brought peace and fulfillment into my life. Through the Leverden brand, I redefined self-love, and sharing my thoughts on self-love with you is something I eagerly anticipate.
How do you perceive self-love, and what methods do you employ to love yourself?






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