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Portal with us to the corners of the world to discover fragrance with origin

Why Portals?

Leverden's mission is to bring you high vibrational home and body products from energy-rich places.

A portal is a gateway. The portal motif on all of our products represents the possibility to transport into a different space or state with leverden's sensory experience as the vehicle, and healing as the destination.

Scroll down to discover our featured portals.


Home of the sands and spice

Namib Desert

Home to pristine, colorful landscapes as carefully preserved as their indigenous culture, the Namib desert buzzes with ancient wisdom. Despite the harsh conditions of the desert, its unique plant species, wildlife (such as the cheetah), and people have adapted to coexist and thrive in this environment.

Our Bushman fragrance profile was inspired by the Himba tribe of Namibia, who use the fragrant fallen bark from the desert succulent sarcocaulon mossamedense in incense, as a fire starter, and topically to shield skin and hair from sun damage.

Namibia has made significant efforts in recent years to conserve its unique ecosystems. This dedication to sustainability and preservation aligns with our values of ethical sourcing of ingredients, eco-friendly practices, and conservation efforts. Proceeds from every Bushman sale support our Impact partner, the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

The Bushman Collection of Namibia

Grounding, musky, promotes serenity & connection to earth

South Korea

Land of the purest salt

Bamboo Forests

The Bamboo Forest Collection is inspired by the enduring therapeutic qualities of bamboo salt. Made from sea salt packed and roasted in bamboo stems at very high temperatures for up to three years (depositing rich magnesium), bamboo salt is known for its purifying and healing properties.

Beginning in Korean monasteries centuries ago, therapeutic rituals for skin are still performed with bamboo salt today to rebalance the body's energy and call in the frequency of transformation.

Master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel developed our Bamboo Forest fragrance to recreate this olfactory experience for our detoxifying bath ritual and environment-cleansing candle. Proceeds from our Bamboo Forest Collection support One Tree Planted, to preserve the forests where these practices originate.

The Bamboo Forest Collection of South Korea

Bright, herbacious, helps rejuvenate the spirit and manifest transformation


Home of shamanic healing

Amazon Rainforest

Home to shamans deeply connected to the rainforest and its biodiversity, we celebrate plants and natural remedies explored in ancestral healing practices to facilitate deep shifts in the New Year.

The ancient practice of shamanism believes that plants have spirits and that the spirit can be a strong medicine. For centuries, before Palo Santo was introduced to North America, it was used by shamans to clear negative energy, attract positive energy, re-establish peace and balance, enhance concentration and meditation, and heal people on physical and spiritual levels.

The spirit of the Palo Santo tree carries a wisdom that enables the smoke of just a tiny piece of wood to heal people physically, emotionally and spiritually. This spirit must be respected, however, and never misused. This is one of the reasons that the tree cannot be cut down and we must wait years after it has fallen on its own to harvest it.

Proceeds from sales of our Shaman products contribute to the sustainable harvesting of Palo Santo.

The Shaman Collection of South America

Valley of Roses

Land of the essence of love

Valley of Roses

The Moroccan Rose Collection celebrates the timeless beauty and therapeutic qualities of rose essence. Known for its calming and uplifting properties, the rose scent has been cherished for centuries.

In the Moroccan Rose Collection, we bring you the finest rose essence, meticulously sourced and blended to perfection. Each product in this collection embodies the rich cultural heritage and natural splendor of Morocco, offering you an authentic and immersive sensory journey.

This collection is inspired by the lush and aromatic Valley of Roses in Morocco, a place renowned for its exquisite and fragrant blooms.

Our Valley of Roses Scented Candle is the centerpiece of this collection, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of these vibrant flowers. The experience of the Valley of Roses Scented Candle goes beyond just fragrance.

The Valley of Roses Collection

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