From deep in the countryside of South Korea

Bamboo salt manifests transformation

The ritual of healing, from the monasteries of South Korea

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What is Bamboo Salt?

The Bamboo Forest Collection is inspired by the enduring therapeutic qualities of bamboo salt. Made from sea salt packed and roasted in bamboo stems at very high temperatures for up to three years, bamboo salt is known for its purifying and healing properties. Beginning in Korean monasteries centuries ago, therapeutic rituals for skin are still performed with bamboo salt today. 

Hand & Body Lotion

Bamboo Forest

An everyday nourishing lotion that leaves skin feeling instantly soft and looking smooth and firm over time. Bamboo salt restores skin’s hydration and luminosity.

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Scented Candle

Detox the environment, relax your mood.

With his unique approach, the master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel goes beyond the fragrance to create olfactory closed to nature.

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Hand & Body Wash

Cleanse, purify, illuminate.

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Amethyst Ki Bath Soak

Restorative for all skin types.

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