Our Ingredients
Inspired by Nature.
Grounded in Culture.

And it’s always in this state of mind that we thought our products, from their composition to their conception. We want the origin of our products, the ingredients that compose them, to respect several commitments. So we take care to establish formulas that are healthy for the body and respectful of the environment, by privileging natural ingredients and without sacrificing quality.

Bamboo Salt, more than an ingredient…

Our Bamboo Salt is made and sourced in a forested province in South Korea, in a factory owned by Kyu Dong Choi, who is both a doctor and practicing monk.

Originally, Bamboo Salt was used in Korean medicine as a treatment for the prevention of many diseases. Thanks to its regenerating properties, Bamboo Salt acts actively on dead cells as a natural exfoliant. Through our Bamboo Salt Collection, we provide you with a therapeutic ritual that’s purifying, conditioning, and deeply hydrating.


Nature is the path. Nature belongs to all of us and we are all a part of nature. There is mystery; is there really any boundary?