Sustainable Packaging
« Circular design is another way we show respect and admiration for Mother Nature and the planet. »
— Helen Lee

We respect and admire Mother Earth and our planet.
Our intention for leVerden is a circular design where all elements of product and packaging can be reused, not just recycled. Our bottles are made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

The dreamy Scented Candle is poured in a reusable vessel to be repurposed any way you choose, including refilling it with our Bamboo Forest wax, also sold additionally for this purpose. We include a packet of seeds reminiscent of the Collection scent which can be planted in the empty vessel to cultivate new life.

Our packaging is either biodegradable paper, including paper mesh and a cardboard shipper carton, PCR plastic, or glass. The Amethyst Ki Bath Soak comes in a reusable canvas pouch. You won’t find any polyurethane, bubble wrap, or regular plastic here.

Even our ink is eco-friendly soy.


Nature is the path. Nature belongs to all of us and we are all a part of nature. There is mystery; is there really any boundary?