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Purifies the environment, a sanctuary of well-being, closer to nature.

The scent evokes the fresh, light breeze that dances and twirls through the intense bamboo forests of Korea. Made with a natural blend of coconut wax and apricot oil, for the most sustainable candle wax in the earth without paraffins. Create an ambient and bring serenity to your interior with this olfactory treasure. Subtle and pleasant, the scent is mindful and soothes the spirits thanks to the peaceful atmosphere diffused by the candle.

• Dimensions: 11 5/8 * 4 inches
• Burning time: 60 hours
• Comes with a packet of Coriander seeds reminiscent of the Collection scent
Produced in partnership with light4life cause, a candle manufacturing company working with Exceptional Children's Foundation. The dreamy Scented Candle is poured into a reusable vessel to be repurposed any way you choose, including refilling it with our Bamboo Forest wax, sold seperately for this purpose. Or cultivate new life with the plant seed packets that are included and shipped in every candle reminiscent of the scent. In this case Coriander!
First the fresh and rejuvenating feeling of bamboo sape, the light peaceful swaying of the dewy leaves in the breeze, underlined with the little saltyness from the minerals of this special Korean recipe.

A touch of Sage adds wisdom and calm, a herb with positive vibes around the world. The freshness of Elemi sape adds a dancing flavor to the green foliage.
Our signature scent was specially created by master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel. ​​Laudamiel is a master perfumer who goes beyond fragrance to create olfactory works of art that incorporate design, culture, and chemistry. He is known for his unique approach, which he calls “scent sculpture” and has trademarked the term Air Sculpture® to describe his methodology for the development of fine fragrances for the air.

The BambooForest scent was created with the transformative qualities of the bamboo salt. Laudimiel infused traditional notes of natural oakmoss, fir balsam and sage and paired with modern elements, like the dewiness of bamboo sap and the minerality of spiked salt and mysterious woods. Like a lush, wet orchid forest.
More than a perfume, this scented candle is meant to soothe and relax your mind. Pine and coriander reassure, tonka and amber complete the fragrance for a comfortable feeling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Emma Scott

The quality of the burn is exceptional, and the scent lingers beautifully. It's become a staple in my self-care routine.

Amelia Martinez

The scent is heavenly and instantly transports me to a place of relaxation. It burns evenly, and the fragrance is long-lasting. A true gem in my home!

Harper Adams

This scented candle is pure magic! The fragrance fills my home with a soothing ambiance that instantly relaxes me. It burns evenly, and the scent lingers long after it's extinguished. I'm absolutely in love!

Mayra Emm
Wonderful product and great customer service

I ordered the Bamboo Forest candle and it smells divine and so soothing. Needed to contact customer service for a delivery issue and they worked diligently to promptly solve the issue. Thanks!

We apologize for the delay.

It seems there was an issue with the carrier, so we have reshipped your items. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
The packages are currently awaiting pick up.
Thank you for understanding.

Samuel Nelson

The fragrance is exquisite, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. It's the perfect addition to my evening routine. The burn time is impressive

How to Use
Immerse yourself completely by listening to the serene Bamboo Forest spotify list included in this collection.

To conserve your candle over time, we recommend that you follow these tips:

1. For the first time, leave the candle lit for 2 or 3 hours until the entire surface has melted for an even burn.

2. To conserve the fragrance, do not burn your candle for more than 3 hours at a time.

3. Before each burning, cut the wick to keep about 3-5mm, this will avoid any black smoke and residue on the glass.