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Valley of Roses Scented Candle


Transport yourself to a mystical landscape draped in floral splendor with our Valley of Roses Candle. This aromatic masterpiece begins with the delicate fragrance of Moroccan Rose Petals, intertwined with the crisp essence of Dewy Leaf accord and the subtle spiciness of Elemi. These head notes conjure the first blush of morning in a lush rose valley, inviting you to breathe deeply and relax into the scent’s natural elegance.

As the candle burns, it reveals a heart of Fresh Cut Moroccan Rose accord, rich and intoxicating, perfectly paired with the spicy warmth of Clove and the sweet touch of Geranium. This heart sings of midday in a sunlit garden, where every breeze is perfumed with the depth and complexity of blooming roses, offering a sensory escape to the heart of Morocco's famed valleys.

The journey concludes with a grounding base of Patchouli, Creamy Sandalwood, and Sheer Musk, accented by the robust earthiness of Cedarwood. These notes provide a soothing finale, echoing the serene dusk in the rose valley, where the air settles into a fragrant calm, and the spirit is lulled into a state of peaceful reflection.

Good to Know

• Dimensions: 11 5/8 * 4 inches
• Burning time: 60 hours
• Weight: 9oz

Sustainable Packaging

With every purchase of our Valley of Roses Scented Candle, you contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and sustainable practices. A portion of the proceeds supports initiatives dedicated to the responsible sourcing of ingredients and the promotion of environmental sustainability.


Immerse yourself in the mystical aura of the Rose Valley, where the delicate petals of Valley of Roses are imbued with the whispers of ancient wisdom and timeless beauty.

Let the top notes of Rose Valley Petals, Dewy Leaf accord, and Elemi transport you to a realm of serenity and tranquility, while the heart notes of Fresh Cut Moroccan Rose accord, Clove, and Geranium awaken your senses to the magic that resides within.

Finally, the base notes of Patchouli, Creamy Sandalwood, Sheer Musk, and Cedarwood ground the experience, enveloping your space in a harmonious blend of spiritual rejuvenation and love.

About the perfumer

The Valley of Roses Scented Candle is an olfactory masterpiece designed to evoke the essence of love and romance. This blending of fragrances ensures a sensory experience that transcends boundaries, inviting you to bask in the beauty of Valley of Roses and the emotions it embodies.

Why You'll Love It

Experience more than just a scented candle; the Moroccan Rose Scented Candle is a journey of love and tranquility. Let the romantic aroma of Moroccan Rose fill your space, igniting feelings of passion, serenity, and affection.

Embrace the essence, cherish the moments, and let the transformative power of scent elevate your senses to new heights.

How to Use

In order to get the most out of your candle, burn it until the entire surface of the candle melts.
To preserve the fragrance, do not burn your candle for more than 2 hours at a time during the first third of the candle and 1 hour at a time during the remaining.
Do not leave candle burning unattended. Do not set in a draft. Keep away from children, curtains and pets.
Should the wick require centering, gently readjust to correct position when the wax is still molten. Allow candle to solidify before relighting.
Should any black smoke appear, trim the tip of the wick. It should be clean and no longer than 5mm at all times.
Always protect the table or surface on which the candle rests (with a wood or ceramic plate, for example).
Do not burn your candle all the way down. Always leave at least 5 mm of non-molten wax at the bottom.
Keep your candle in a dry and temperate environment, between 60 and 80° F.
The first use of your candle should occur within the two first months after its reception.

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All ingredients are sourced organically


No animal products, ever

No Sulfates

All of our products are sulfate free


Rose Petals - Romance & Passion
Elemi - Uplift & Energize
Patchouli - Comforting
Sheer Musk - Sensuality
Geranium - Balance & Harmony

Fragrance notes

Valley of Roses

Experience the essence of love in the pink rose town in Morocco, nestled in the valley of roses.

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